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GLOBAL LANGUAGES is a full-fledged translation company based in India. We specialize in language translations and offer our language translation services to whoever is in need of translating one language into another. We realise that the world has become a small place thanks to the technological advances, and the only barrier is sometimes the inability to read an unknown language. Our company provides a helping hand to overcome this barrier and bridge the gap between one language and another. We provide translations of all Indian languages as well as major international languages.

Our translation agency caters to the requirements of individuals, big and small businesses, including multinationals and to General Translation Agencies. We extend our services to clients all over the world, particularly in the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

GLOBAL LANGUAGES is a well-established company that has gained the confidence of its clients because it has been consistent in providing fast and accurate language translation services at highly competitive rates. We have a 1000+ strong network of in-house and contracted professional language translators located all over the world.

Our translation company is among the best translation companies in India. We offer excellent translation and typesetting services in all recognised Indian languages, namely, Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Urdu Kashmiri and Assamese. But, we are not limited to political boundaries and are as comfortable with translating languages of the Middle East as we are with the Indian languages. We have competent translators for languages such as Farsi, Pashto, Arabic and Dari. We specialise in many international languages as well.

We are fully aware of our responsibility as translators. We understand the importance of turnaround time and we make sure that we meet the deadlines, no matter how stringent they may be. But, at no cost do we compromise on accuracy. Therefore, speed and accuracy are the two prominent features of our company that is known for its professional and quality service. In addition, we respect the need for privacy and confidentiality of our clients. We take care to keep everything strictly private and confidential. And, to top it all, we offer our services at very reasonable rates. We have built this company on the solid foundation of principled work ethics. And, our company's sure and steady growth is a testimony to the professionalism that we have adopted in our work culture.

Over the years, we have built a talent pool of language specialists whose rich experience has contributed to the success of our company. It is because of them that today we are a reputed translation company that is sought after not only by clients but also by translators. We provide a forum for talented people to grow.

If you are looking for fast, accurate, quality language translation services at reasonable rates, you are at the right place!

You can contact us on phone, fax, e-mail or fill up our online request form and ask for a quote. We will get back to you with a quotation ASAP.

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