Desktop Publishing
Proof Checking
Brand & Product Name Analysis
Audio-Video-Tape Transcription
Market Research
Desktop Publishing/Typesetting

We are actively involved in foreign languages setting in Quark Xpress, In Design, Page Maker & Illustrator, FreeHand, FramMaker, Photoshop, etc.

We deliver the finished files with picture update as high resolution PDF and or as EPS outline format.

We offer Typesetting/Desktop Publishing services for more than 80 foreign and Indian languages. We have highly advanced typesetting capabilities and can deliver any type of electronic file format output.

As far as your translation projects are concerned, we deliver your translated documents in the same format and appearance as the source. Our DTP work is as exact as a photocopy. You may find it hard to distinguish between original and the translated document.

We are compatible with most DTP applications like Quark XPress, PageMaker, Illustrator, Acrobat, PowerPoint, Word and many other packages.

We have a full-fledged graphics team that makes technical diagrams, artwork, Internet banners, schematics and more. Our graphics designers can integrate texts received from our languages team.

At GLOBAL LANGUAGES, we take pride in our teamwork. Each project is handled by specialists in their respective areas. While our translators follow basic layout such as bold, underlining and italics, the linguists take care of things like correct hyphenation, capitalisation and punctuation for this particular language.

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